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Aerial Banners Inc. Nationwide Advertising invites you to LOOK UP!  When you hear an airplane you instinctively look up. That is what makes this form of advertising not only effective, but

very affordable based on the amount of exposure. Our banner towing reaches people away from home and work, generally in an environment where they are relaxed. Few forms of media have access to such a receptive audience. 



Aerial Advertising Facts… Today’s advertising has changed with more people recording their favorite television shows and going to digital music skipping over your very pricey television and radio advertising. Aerial Advertising can’t be fast forwarded or turned off, it’s there when and where you want it seen! Aerial advertising is the future of advertising once again. Aerial advertising is used by some of the largest and most successful companies in the world and has been found to be one of the most effective and affordable advertising sources.

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Company Branding

Maximum Exposure

Let us show you the way to increase your brand exposure!

Great way to get people to know your company!

Repetitive branding, don't let your customers forget you. Let them know you are still here!

With most people today using digital recording cable boxes, a majority of the people fast forward over your tv commercials. Aerial advertising can't be stopped, you hear us coming and all you can do is look up! See we Made You Look!


 Aerial Banners Inc. Nationwide Advertising - Creative advertising

Let us show you what is possible! Our creative design team makes your vision come to life with the use of our team of digital banner designers. Possibilities are unlimited with our pilots and ground crews  located across the nation flying banners from Florida, Alaska, New York and many more major locations.

We offer a large span of aerial advertising throughout the nation. Our staff of professional air advertising professionals have over 23 years experience, advertising for any local,national corporations and companies. We fly over all of America's Beaches, Highways, Stadiums, Parks, Cruise ships, Golf courses, special events, outdoor activities and any other place you can think of. Our eye-catching yellow birds get the job done!  Our team can produce and fly your custom, high definition, digitally reproduced air sign billboard anywhere nationwide.

Contact Us today for pricing and options that are right for you.


Show the world who you are and where you are, fly all the major cities, beaches, NFL stadiums, outdoor events and many more places. When and where you want to fly, we can be there!


Aerial Advertising - Targeting by DMA

  • Target geographically (region, state, city, sector, etc.)
  • Target economically (district, sector of a city)
  • Target by areas of interest (site, rally, event, etc.)

Aerial Advertising Statistics

  • 88% Of the people surveyed recalled the passing of the banner within the last 30 minutes.
  • 79% Of the people surveyed recalled what was advertised.
  • 67% Of the people surveyed could recall at least one-half of the message.

*2194 people surveyed on Miami Beach

This shows that aerial advertising is clearly a message that people both subliminally and actively remember!

Where does Aerial Advertising rate?

Where does aerial advertising rate?
 When the State of Maine Lottery was launched, various media shared the substantial advertising budget; 6% of this budget was allocated to aerial advertising. A study on the impact of each type of media used showed that 70% of persons questioned knew that a new lottery was launched and that they learned it from the following types of media:

  • Billboards: 21.6%
  • Radio: 19.8%
  • Aerial Advertising: 18.3% (with only 6% of the budget)
  • Television: 15.9%
  • Posters: 14.9%

 With todays market outdoor advertising has captured a large portion of advertising options.

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